all in one solar street lights company

Starlight is a all-in-one solar street lights company
Starlight understands the critical role of security lighting to help protect facilities, people and assets. Our Solar powered lighting Solutions combine leading fixture, panel and controller technologies to help you:
• Easily add primary or back-up lighting to secure your site
• Deploy reliable illumination anywhere without requiring complex or expensive grid-connection
• Protect your lighting systems from vandals

Requiring access only to the power of the sun, our wireless systems offer a simple and cost-effective alternative for illuminating fences, walls and borders that can be located a long distance from established electrical and communications equipment. We’ve combined our proprietary Solar Eterno® Energy Management System with state of the art Cree LED luminaires to offer unparalleled reliability and excellent lumens-per-watt brightness throughout the year and in all weather conditions. Our tamper resistant designs also have no external cabling and offer high-mounted Solar engines and controllers to proctect the light from all but the most persistent vandal. Each Solar light acts independently of others in a network so tampering with one light will NEVER impact other lights in a system.

Starlight has you covered for increased security and safety. Browse our product list to learn more.