Solar street light controller

Solar controller is to play in the entire solar street lights in a co-ordinate control of a charge and discharge management of the electronic controller. Daytime sunlight charging. Perceive light. Check to automatically turn on lights in the evening after dark. And detecting the illumination lights after open. After the morning sunshine detected automatically turn off the lights.

Guarantee constant current output
Because LED lights to their needs through technical means or constant current limit, otherwise it could not work properly. General LED lights The approach is usually applied to a drive power LED constant current, but it was needed to bring the power loss, so add more independent drive power consumption, so this approach is not desirable.
Control output period
Solar controller can set the time, to set a good time start output current starts to work.
Adjust output power in the solar street light applications, for power regulation. Adjust the power to control the brightness of LED lights, such as early morning lights adjusted to 30W, late adjusted to 15W energy-saving, so lock current only meet the lighting needs at night, but also saves batteries, solar panels overall configuration and budget, you can also greatly extend the effective life of the LED lamp.

How to choose solar street light controller
1. should choose a lower power consumption of the controller, the controller work 24 hours a day, as they own large power consumption, it will consume some energy, the best choice in power consumption below 1 mA controller.
2. To select high efficiency charge controller with MCT charge mode controller can automatically track the maximum current of the battery plate, especially in the winter period or lowlight, MCT charge mode efficiency of around 20% higher than the other.
3. should be selected with two-way power adjustment controller, the controller has a power adjustment has been widely promoted, few pedestrians at night time can be automatically shut down one or two lighting, saving electricity, you can also adjust the power for LED lights . In addition to selecting more energy-saving features, but also should pay attention to the battery and other components of the controller protection features, such as having a trickle charge mode controller can well protect the battery, increasing battery life, the other to set the controller undervoltage protection value, try to adjust voltage protection value in ≥ 11.1V, to prevent battery over-discharge.