Solar Traffic Warning Light

In a variety of traffic safety facilities or products, solar spike in rain, fog and road corners, can clearly outline the contours of the road and the edge of the driver’s line of sight induced, and thus eliminate the safety hazards of the road, has been industry wide attention! Chongqing Starlight received a high-speed sections of a solar installation project laying spike!
Project Address: A highway road
Engineering Supplier: Chongqing Starlight New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Light color: / white / yellow
Visual distance: 800m
Solar Battery: NiMH battery 1.2V / 600MAH
Solar spike light by the rebellious material, housing, solar panels, LED, solar controller, paved road along the road at night or in rain and fog weather, directions for drivers and friends along the way direction. Active and passive solar spike light emitting reflective properties of the visual guidance in conjunction with the indicator line use, greatly improve driver safety coefficient friends On the road, reducing the probability of occurrence of nighttime traffic accidents.