1, the solar LED street light, it is not only high luminous efficiency and long service life, with the continuous development of technology, LED light source gradually been widely used in solar street lamps and ordinary city circuit lamp. I believe in the near future solar LED lights and mains LED lights will soon replace ordinary street.

2, solar lights this product without laying underground cables, without having to pay the company Web site lighting electricity, solar street used key components used in solar panels, solar DC lamp intelligent controller, maintenance-free batteries, lighting fixtures have been national PV product certification. Mainly applied to lighting lighting urban roads, residential square, industrial parks, tourist attractions, parks and green belts and other places.

3, we produce all products are in strict accordance with the standards the company Web site to perform material inspection, process inspection, finished product shipment inspection to ensure customers satisfaction with the products, the company built a set of comprehensive pre-sale service system, everywhere for your best interests at heart, the real one on one service. (more…)