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What solar street light inverter works


First, the basic concept of design principles:
Solar street light inverter principle, the beginning of the concept is the most important realization takes solar energy, making the street during the day and only use solar energy to charge from the Lord, the evening will be able to use, and do not use complex circuit pipelines tools, and this solar street lighting inverters also enables adjustment of some of the layout, as well as high efficiency, energy saving purpose of protecting the environment. (more…)

What are the drawbacks of solar street light

In our life, for street light, contact everyone should is quite much, and we have contact with the street now generally the use of solar energy street light, that since the use of solar street lighting so widely is certainly because of their unique characteristics, the solar street light and what are the disadvantages? Today, small make up for you to introduce some of the shortcomings of our solar street light for everyone to understand. (more…)

The advantages of solar street light


Solar street light takes solar energy, charging during the day, evening use. without trenching tearing up the road, without complex and expensive pipeline laying cables, it can be installed independently, be adjusted lighting layout freely, environmental friendly and energy saving, charging and ON / OFF control process using intelligent , automatic switch, without manual operation, stable and reliable. (more…)