Category: road boundary indicator series
Material: Aluminum die cast, impact of aging, corrosion-resistant
Light color: red / green / blue / white / yellow color can be customized
Visible distance: 800 meters
Custom processing: can be customized

Compared with ordinary reflective spike, spike solar energy are the two most important advantages: First, a large emission luminance. Ordinary reflective brightness reflective spike only 300MCD to 400MCD, emission luminance and solar spike up 2000MCD, the former is 6 to 7 times. Such a high intensity light can penetrate the fog at night, safe and effective for the driver orientation.
Second, self-luminous, dynamic alerts. Solar spike in the evening at a certain frequency flicker, the dynamic is very strong warning. Active light can not only avoid the maximum extent and fog-free, and allows the driver’s attention away from dependence on car lights, visual distance farther, the better.
Considering the deep solar spike mounted easily damaged pavement, shorten the service life of pavement, solar street lights manufacturer Starlight production of solar spike are raised solar spike. (more…)