Double Stone Town, a residential area in the new rural construction in the first use of solar integrated street Star New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., in charge of the property in the early stage of construction was also considered by traditional lights, but the actual cost is far higher than budgeted costs, and large engineering and very tight schedule, construction will be broken ring original environment. Integrated solar street light has the perfect solution to these problems.

Double Stone Town residential area of one solar street light project basic information is as follows:
Project address: Two Stone Town residential area
Product Supplier: Star New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Source: 30W high quality LED light source (life of 50,000 hours)
Pole: 6m overall corrosion galvanized steel poles
Solar panel: 18V / 60W monocrystalline silicon solar panel
Mounting distances: 20-25m
Battery: maintenance-free special solar battery 12.8V / 27AH
The project the perfect solution to the problem residents travel at night, head of residential property to give us a single tariff statistics tell us that the average cost per piece integrated solar lamp lights one can save 50W * 10 / day * 1.2 yuan / kWh = 6 yuan a month is down 180 yuan, 2160 yuan a year, two years to recover the cost of very cost-effective, but also eliminates the changing light bulbs, line maintenance and other expenses. Solar lights integrated security but also for the entire residential area at night to provide security.