With the rise of rural tourism, the number of cucumbers to the mountain farm tourism is gradually increasing, especially the tourists arrive in the evening. Previously only a single account of the construction of a temporary parking lot during the day when the tourists, and now at night to visitors either parking or walking are very inconvenient. Now ordinary street to install wiring, trenching and other projects is very troublesome, Star took over the farmhouse lighting projects.
Basic engineering information is as follows:
Project address: Cucumber Hill Farmhouse
Product Supplier: Star New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Source: 8W high quality LED light source
Pole: 4 meters overall corrosion galvanized steel poles
Solar panel: 18V / 15W monocrystalline silicon solar panel
Mounting distances: 8-10m
Battery: maintenance-free special solar battery 12.8V / 6AH
The stars of the farmhouse integrated solar street light configuration is reasonable, the perfect solution for consumer lighting needs. Night lighting eight hours, rainy days 3-9 days of resistance, a very successful solar lighting projects. The whole project eliminating the complexity of traditional street lights line construction projects in existing facilities without breaking the ring to solve the night tourist travel problems!