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Solar Garden light

Solar Garden light

Solar Garden light is developed as a small-scale outdoor lighting fixture which combined with the latest control algorithms and strategies. Using solar energy power and led light source, we can benefit from its energy saving,environment friendly,exellent performance,easy installation and low cost.
1. Saving energy by solar power and led light source
2. Environment friendly. Green energy and without UV
3. High conversion polysilicon solar PV
4. Easy installation. Without any extra cables
5. Secondary saving energy by time control & light control & PIR intelligent sensor. The lamp will light up by itself when it’s dark and will convert into the PIR intelligent sensing model 4 hours later.
6. Free maintenance, No wiring, No power fee

Soalr Wall Light

wall light

Landscape Lighting is the best way to show that outdoor Landscape is the most important part of ecological landscape.

Starlight Moon series & Crystal series Solar Pillar Light is designed to install and light originally. Relying on intelligent and advanced control technology and brightening & beautifying system with the ability of storing natural energy, lamp frees from the electricity. Same with the trees and flowers in city landscape, it appears to us the vitality of variety.

The pillars, stairs of building and plaza are located on different positions. Starlight Pillar Light can show to people the theme and culture of space depend on lighting color changing.

Mobile APP controller allows you to customize the lighting mode by yourself through changeable color and lighting ways.


Solar LED Street Light


Free from electricity cable lay, Solar Street Light is a new solution for outdoor lighting.

Starlight Solar Street Light adopts independent R&D intelligent control system which can more deeply and efficiently control LED source, solar PV, and Battery. It can meet different lighting installation conditions in different places of nation through customized lighting solutions. The control system used in our Solar Street Light can switch the built-in modes in different seasons, and automatically determines the discharging time through charging time to extend battery’s life span.

Starlight Solar Split Street Light is standardized production and adopts thicker aluminum as body material against wind and dust. Its LED lamp is flake style heat dissipation to strengthen air convection, improve heat dissipation efficiency, and extend led chip life span. Modular LED chip with low voltage DC current supports to assemble in different watts, and its wide light angle can make light effect being more average. We have built the excellent after-sales system and manufactures free maintenance products, which help Starlight be the best choice as outdoor lighting supplier.


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