Solar Garden light2

In the farmyard, the day is often used to crop drying, clothes and other items, to rest and enjoy the cool evening, in order to facilitate the villagers travel at night in his door is always loaded on top of a street lamp. When will go out into the light switch rope pull every bit cumbersome, conventional incandescent light bulbs of light scattered by the voltage change easily broken.
Traditional farmhouse street lines are exposed in the air, easy to aging electric shock, fire safety problems, the emergence of the stars of rural solar garden perfect solution to this problem, it does not need cable, lamp beads life of 50,000 hours It is the traditional incandescent light 500 times.

Three Religions small farm house solar garden project basic information is as follows:
Project address: Three teach small farm house
Product Supplier: Chongqing Starlight New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Source: 4W high quality LED light source
Solar panel: 12V / 6W monocrystalline silicon solar panel
Battery: maintenance-free special solar battery 7.4V / 6AH
Controller: light control + time control + body induction
Starlight environment and lighting needs of users for a small hospital gives more reasonable configuration, users use the product very satisfied. Surrounding rural households have also installed solar garden lights, solar street lamps Star “come that light, people walking out the lights delay” body sensors designed to get farmers alike!