How to install solar street lights

Step 1: Connect the battery
Warning: the battery positive and negative terminals and wires connected to the positive and negative short-circuit can cause the risk of fire or explosion! Be sure to carefully operation!
Before connecting the battery, ensure that the battery voltage is higher than 6V to start the controller. If the system is 24V, and must ensure that the battery voltage is not less than 18V. Select system voltage only when you first start the controller automatically recognized.
Installation insurance, pay attention to the positive terminal of the battery safety device from a maximum distance of 150mm, the insurance turned confirm wiring is correct.

Step 2: Connect the load

Solar street light controller can be connected to the load side rated voltage and rated voltage of the same DC battery powered device, the controller battery voltage to the load.

Positive and negative load connected to the load terminals of the controller. Load terminal voltage may be present, the wiring carefully to avoid short circuits.

Should be in the positive or negative load connected to a safety device on the wire, the installation process should not turned insurance. After installation confirmation turned insurance.
If the load is connected via a distribution panel, each load circuit has a separate connection insurance, all of the load current can not exceed the rated current of the controller.

Step 3: Connect the PV array
Warning: Risk of electric shock! PV array can generate high voltage wiring care to prevent electric shock.

The controller can be applied to 12V, 24V off-grid solar modules, you can also use the open-circuit voltage does not exceed the maximum input voltage and network components. System voltage of solar modules either below the system voltage.

Step 4: Check the connection

Check again all the connections, see the positive and negative of each terminal is correct, whether the six terminals are tightened.

Step 5: Confirm energized
When the battery power to the controller, the controller starts, the battery LED indicator lights on the controller, observe correct.