First, the basic concept of design principles:
Solar street light inverter principle, the beginning of the concept is the most important realization takes solar energy, making the street during the day and only use solar energy to charge from the Lord, the evening will be able to use, and do not use complex circuit pipelines tools, and this solar street lighting inverters also enables adjustment of some of the layout, as well as high efficiency, energy saving purpose of protecting the environment.

What solar street light inverter works

What solar street light inverter works
Designers hope he designed solar lights inverter switching process can completely customize the lighting, automatic control, and completely without manual operation can be stable and reliable work, while fully save electricity and power resources, maintenance-free and other features, which now has been fully realized.

Second, the design principle of the circuit consists of:

Solar street lights are solar inverter intelligent inverters use STC12C5410AD microcontroller as the core of the starter. In the composition of the hardware circuit, the peripheral circuit is composed of the main voltage acquisition circuits, and is mainly used to control and detection circuit is responsible for the circuit, as well as LED display and keyboard circuit. And in this, the most important thing is the voltage acquisition circuit, because it is the most critical one circuit to collect solar energy, it will solar lights collect solar energy into the desired street renewable energy, and is also able to identify the sun the intensity of light, in order to determine the storage of electricity.

What solar street light inverter works
After inverters for solar street lighting design principles explained in detail, we inverters for solar street lighting design concepts and basic principles of circuit probably already have a lot of understanding of it? Is not felt the great efforts and the inventor of it? in our era, or the ancient times, there will always be some people tirelessly to make our lives better and make great efforts. Now, solar lights have been popular, I believe this invention, in the future will be more and more.