1, the solar LED street light, it is not only high luminous efficiency and long service life, with the continuous development of technology, LED light source gradually been widely used in solar street lamps and ordinary city circuit lamp. I believe in the near future solar LED lights and mains LED lights will soon replace ordinary street.

2, solar lights this product without laying underground cables, without having to pay the company Web site lighting electricity, solar street used key components used in solar panels, solar DC lamp intelligent controller, maintenance-free batteries, lighting fixtures have been national PV product certification. Mainly applied to lighting lighting urban roads, residential square, industrial parks, tourist attractions, parks and green belts and other places.

3, we produce all products are in strict accordance with the standards the company Web site to perform material inspection, process inspection, finished product shipment inspection to ensure customers satisfaction with the products, the company built a set of comprehensive pre-sale service system, everywhere for your best interests at heart, the real one on one service.

4, the internal structure of a solar street light products: the internal structure of solar street lights and solar garden lights and light poles in addition to the different shape, the other main components are the same, but the parameters are different, mainly divided into: solar light controller, solar batteries battery box and buried, solar panel module, LED light source, light pole, cage, cable;

5, the advantages of green low-carbon solar lights: the Earth’s resources become increasingly scarce, investment cost basis of energy rising, safety and pollution problems can be described everywhere. Solar energy as an “inexhaustible” safety, environmental protection and new energy sources more and more attention.


6, mains lighting effects for practical comparison.

① contrast a mains lighting installation complexity: in the city lighting project has a complex operating procedures, first laying of cables, cable trench excavation will be carried out here, the laying of underground pipe, pipe threading, backfill and other large infrastructure projects . Then a long period of installation and commissioning, as any lines in question, they have a large area of rework. And the terrain and lines require complex, costly labor and auxiliary materials. Solar street light installation is simple: When you install solar lights without laying a complex line, just do a cement base, then with stainless steel screws.

② contrast two high electricity mains lighting: lighting electricity work has a fixed high tariffs to long-term continuous and other configurations on the line for maintenance or replacement, maintenance costs annually. Free electricity solar lighting: solar energy road lamps are one-time investment, no maintenance costs, three years to recover investment costs, long-term benefit.

③ Compare the three cities have electric lighting security risks: electricity lighting due to the transformation of the quality of construction, landscape engineering, materials aging, power supply is not normal, bring a lot of security risks conflict electric water pipes and the like. Solar lights no security risk:

7, solar lighting is super low-voltage products, safe and reliable operation. Other advantages: green, can add a new selling point for the noble ecological community development and promotion; sustainable property management to reduce costs, reduce the cost of public owners share portion. To sum up the contrast, no security risks of solar lighting, saving non-consumption, environmental protection, easy installation, automatic control of the inherent characteristics of maintenance-free will bring obvious advantages available direct construction real estate sales, municipal engineering.

8, solar lights consists of the following components: solar cells, batteries, solar street lighting special controller, light and lamp.

9, solar lights is an automatic control system of work, simply set the operating mode of the system will automatically run the job. Solar street light is ideal for road lighting, with the improvement and the continuous development of people’s lives, it will be widely used, so that the sun gives the earth bright lighting at night for mankind. National Development and advocates solar street lights are energy-saving trend.