It works solar street in rainy day


First, solar street light use solar energy into electricity is the implementation of energy saving lighting equipment.

1. The ability of solar lights during discharge, save electricity: solar street light solar panels absorb solar energy into electricity and lighting equipment to ensure the normal operation of the lighting equipment, efficient use of energy to reduce the discharge loss, then to energy saving reducing consumption role!
2. The solar battery has the ability to store energy: solar panels through conversion of electrical energy, if there is no battery storage, it will be wasted on the capital, so the solar energy storage batteries to have the ability to meet, and with the conversion of solar panels phase combination solar battery and a storage capacity as high as possible;
3. Solar panels in a unit time to convert solar energy into electrical energy capacity, capacity into the solar panel size interrelated. Suppose a temporary area appears rainy days, it is necessary to use a relatively large solar panels;
Second, in order to ensure that the solar lights can do a good job on the street when the equipment is still the most important is to look at rainy day street equipment. Because the rainy days can not accept the solar street light, and thus do rainy days solar street lights and equipment to ensure the smooth completion of the durability engineering is very important.
Solar street light rainy days to complete the normal operation, first make sure that is the conversion rate of solar panels. In order to prevent the phenomenon of solar street lights in the rainy days of a power failure in the street during the installation of solar panels necessary to increase the conversion rate of solar photovoltaic street lighting to provide sufficient energy.

Secondly, that is well equipped to ensure the capacity of the battery solar street has enough storage capacity, so that the high conversion rate of solar panels fitted. That ultimately is good street lighting system installed inside the system to reduce the discharge loss, saving their energy consumption lights.