If the solar lights are not bright how do we repair

In our solar street light use of the process, there will inevitably be this kind of failure affecting our use, that this time we can do is to find the cause of the fault as soon as possible to repair, so as to not affect our use. If the solar lights are not bright how do we repair?

You have to fully detect it, there may not be a reason aspect caused.
Solar street light controller
First detection of solar street light controller, which is the core of solar lights. Red light means charging and flashing means the battery is full, if it is yellow, the loss of electricity, not the normal lighting, solar street light to be detected at this time of the battery voltage, if the battery is normal, then replace the new controller to see whether it is normal as normal to determine the basic controller is bad. The lamp is not lit, the detection wiring without loss.
solar panel
If you exclude the controller fails, the next step is to check whether the solar panels can be charged, usually can not be charged mainly as there is no current voltage. At this time required to detect the panels have no soldered joints, aluminum foil or without battery current board, if there is no current, basically concluded that the panel has been scrapped. If the solar panels on top of a current, but also pay attention to whether there is snow cover, you can not be charged.
Solar Battery
Solar battery is susceptible to failure. Many battery manufacturers do not use water, which leads to the water after the battery positive and negative short-circuit, causing the voltage instability. Carefully observe the battery voltage variation with depth of discharge, if they can not work properly when you need to replace the new test.
Street line
Finally, the line-check for damage phenomenon. If the insulation layer is worn, the current conduction through the poles, it will cause a short circuit, the lamp does not light situations. Alternatively, solar street lighting during the day and can not be turned off. This situation is most likely broken the controller element.