How to work for lighting

In principal, it’s simple. A solar panel converts light to electricity. During daylight, even on cloudy days, this “solar generator” (solar panel) charges long-life batteries, which store the energy until needed. Thus, the energy of the sun is harnessed to produce power.

In addition to large capacity batteries and solar panels, solar outdoor lighting systems also incorporate sophisticated proprietary charge regulators, which stop the flow of solar generated electricity when the batteries are fully charged, and then resume charging when more power is needed.

The key to solar outdoor lighting is the solar power pack, which houses photovoltaic solar panels, a proprietary microprocessor control system and batteries. It is attached to specifically designed high flux LED lights that produce bright white light.

All solar lights are “wireless”. They are not “hooked up” to external sources of power, but get their power from solar panels, installed with each light. Like conventional wired lights, solar lights come as indoor lighting, sign lighting, street and parking lot lighting. Some solar lights are also used for bus shelters, telephone booths, traffic signs and security lighting.

Solar “wireless” lights are chosen over conventional “wired” lights

? where extreme reliability is a consideration
? where power outages are expected
? where the cost of utility wiring and transformers is high
? where solar lights avoid costly trenching, wiring and pole installations
? where old faulty wiring and fixtures must be replaced.

Commercial solar lighting is sometimes preferred for applications where the need is temporary (fairs, mining sites, Olympics, introduction of real estate developments, etc.). ecause it is stand-alone “wireless” lighting, the system can be moved to another location in the future.

Solar lights produce no pollution and cause no harmful environmental effects. To the extent that they provide light that would alternatively be provided by utilities (via power generated from fossil fuels) solar lights eliminate pollution that would otherwise be generated.