The sloar Bridge lights

Urban footbridge is not only the sign of prosperity in city, but more important it plays huge role in urban transportation, energy, efficiency, etc. The lighting of footbridge is not only for safety of people and cars in dark night, but also for the beauty of city.

Starlight Solar Bridge Lamp is all in one design with simple structure. Solar power supplied system can effectively avoid the cable laying and beauty the footbridge. Solar Bridge Lamp adopts the RGB led chip and smart control system to create the lighting waterfall on footbridge, viaduct, landscape bridge, overpass, etc. in different colors.

Energy Saving / Environment Friendly / Safety / Easy Installation

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Solar Panel 10W Solar Panel
Light Source 4W LED
Battery 3.7V/16AH Lithium Battery
Working Time 4 Hours Per Day
Min. Sunhours  1.5 Sunhours
Control Mode Light  + Time + Remote Control