Solar step lamp

Starlight solar brick lamp integrated integrated design, simple fashion; installation of the embedded lamp
Integration with the landscape and one, independent energy, no need to lay wires, to achieve a “see the light” good visual effects
Fruit; intelligent control light source conversion, gradual change, jump free choice; high strength tempered glass and IP68 three layer protection,
Pressure waterproof; solar floor tile lamp on the trail, building steps, landscape periphery, tourist attractions, landscape bridges etc.
Wide range of applications, the freedom to create a personalized aesthetic scene experience.

Safety: no damage to low voltage DC to prevent electric shock, fire and other accidents
Energy saving: solar energy as a source of energy, no need to pay expensive electricity
Environmental protection: the idea of environmental protection: no radiation, no pollution, effective protection of the environment and personal safety
Intelligence: intelligent remote control color color, night outdoor staircase is also a beautiful landscape
Convenient: remove the complex cable layout, non professionals can also be installed quickly, the product directly to the replacement of damaged maintenance

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Solar Panel 2W
Light Source 0.3~0.6W RGB
Battery 3.7V, 2000MAH Lithium Battery
Working Time 4 Hours Per Day
Min. Sunhours 3 Sunhours
Control Mode Light  + Time + Remote Control