Solar Integrated Street Light is a upgraded generation of Solar Split Street Light in energy saving and structural integration. Highly integrated solar PV, LED lamp, Battery and controller in one, Solar Integrated Street Light is fashion, simple, easy installation and transportation.

Starlight Integrated Street Light adopts independent R&D intelligent control platform can switch the built-in modes in different seasons, and automatically determine the discharging time through charging time to extend battery’s life span. PIR sensor function makes the most use of energy and extends working time. The integrated heat dissipation structure increases the cooling area and guarantees LED chip light effect and life span. It is an easy and intelligent solution of re-using old lamp pole when re-building the old town due to its excellent structure design.

Integrated Design / Customized / Easy Transportation / Easy Installation

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Solar Panel 15W, 18VSolar Panel
Light Source 8W LED
Battery 12.8V, 6Ah LiFePO Battery
Working Time 6~8 Hours Per Day
Min. Sunhours 1.5 Sunhours
Control Mode Light + Time + PIR Sensor