Solar Garden light

Solar Garden light is developed as a small-scale outdoor lighting fixture which combined with the latest control algorithms and strategies. Using solar energy power and led light source, we can benefit from its energy saving,environment friendly,exellent performance,easy installation and low cost.
1. Saving energy by solar power and led light source
2. Environment friendly. Green energy and without UV
3. High conversion polysilicon solar PV
4. Easy installation. Without any extra cables
5. Secondary saving energy by time control & light control & PIR intelligent sensor. The lamp will light up by itself when it’s dark and will convert into the PIR intelligent sensing model 4 hours later.
6. Free maintenance, No wiring, No power fee

Product Specifications of SCY-4 Click Here For More Datas

Solar Panel 6W, 12V Solar Panel
Light Source 4W LED
Battery 7.4V, 6Ah Lithium Battery
Working Time 6~8 Hours Per Day
Min. Sunhours 1.5 Sunhours
Control Mode Light + Time + PIR Sensor