Unit price is more expensive than solar street LED lights reason

Outdoor lighting engineering, municipal units buyers, at the beginning of the price of solar street lights with LED price there will not understand why all outdoor lights, solar street why the unit price more expensive than LED lights, and not just a little bit expensive.
First, take the price of solar street lights with LED lights make direct price comparison, we find that both are the same place. Solar street light lamp head is also used in LED, the use of the poles is the same quality, a power supply, with a controller, the price of these three is far worse, then the price difference is seen in different points. On components, solar street LED lights more than a few things: solar panels, solar batteries, battery box.
Solar panels, the price depends on the quality, for solar street light manufacturers, according to the wattage of solar panels is to count the cost of solar energy battery is in accordance with the size of the AH to calculate the cost, on the whole it is bigger and more expensive. For LED lights, the higher the configuration, we need to raise prices is the place lamps, poles, with power, but for solar street light, the higher the configuration means of solar panels, batteries, lamps, poles should improve the cost this is why LED lights more expensive than the price of the reasons for solar street.

LED street price component is configured according to the actual needs of the decision, the other obviously best not to choose cheaper products, not good goods cheaper. In addition to LED lights, solar lights, solar lawn lights, wind and solar lights, solar garden lights and so on outdoor lighting, too, the price is very important, but should not be the only concern buyers cheaper and ignore the quality.
Although more expensive than LED solar street lights Unit price, but considering the unique advantages of solar street lights, no electricity, intelligent mode, free wiring installation, easy maintenance and other advantages, even if more expensive, but still very favored by the market.