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Light it up ! Top 10 Solar lighting facts !

1.The sun is a direct source of energy. Using renewable energy technologies, we can convert that solar energy into electricity.

2.All solar lights are “wireless”. They are not “hooked up” to external sources of power.

3.Solar lights produce no pollution and cause no harmful environmental effects.

4.Solar lighting is sometimes preferred for applications where the need is temporary (fairs, mining sites, Olympics, introduction of real estate developments, etc.).

5.Solar lights are immune to black outs.



What solar street light inverter works


First, the basic concept of design principles:
Solar street light inverter principle, the beginning of the concept is the most important realization takes solar energy, making the street during the day and only use solar energy to charge from the Lord, the evening will be able to use, and do not use complex circuit pipelines tools, and this solar street lighting inverters also enables adjustment of some of the layout, as well as high efficiency, energy saving purpose of protecting the environment. (more…)

What are the drawbacks of solar street light

In our life, for street light, contact everyone should is quite much, and we have contact with the street now generally the use of solar energy street light, that since the use of solar street lighting so widely is certainly because of their unique characteristics, the solar street light and what are the disadvantages? Today, small make up for you to introduce some of the shortcomings of our solar street light for everyone to understand. (more…)

How To Choose The Right Solar Lights

Using solar lighting outdoors can be a lifesaver when outdoor outlets are not available. But do solar-powered lights really work? How do they measure up to hardwired electric lights? And what if your yard is shady or you live somewhere that rarely sees the sun? Here’s the full scoop on choosing and using solar-powered lights in your yard.
How solar lighting works. Photovoltaic cells absorb sunlight during the day to charge the batteries, which then light the bulb at night. Because solar lights are powered by the sun, they must be placed in an area that receives full sun — ideally eight or more hours per day. (more…)

The advantages of solar street light


Solar street light takes solar energy, charging during the day, evening use. without trenching tearing up the road, without complex and expensive pipeline laying cables, it can be installed independently, be adjusted lighting layout freely, environmental friendly and energy saving, charging and ON / OFF control process using intelligent , automatic switch, without manual operation, stable and reliable. (more…)

Solar Street Lights Advantages


1, the solar LED street light, it is not only high luminous efficiency and long service life, with the continuous development of technology, LED light source gradually been widely used in solar street lamps and ordinary city circuit lamp. I believe in the near future solar LED lights and mains LED lights will soon replace ordinary street.

2, solar lights this product without laying underground cables, without having to pay the company Web site lighting electricity, solar street used key components used in solar panels, solar DC lamp intelligent controller, maintenance-free batteries, lighting fixtures have been national PV product certification. Mainly applied to lighting lighting urban roads, residential square, industrial parks, tourist attractions, parks and green belts and other places.

3, we produce all products are in strict accordance with the standards the company Web site to perform material inspection, process inspection, finished product shipment inspection to ensure customers satisfaction with the products, the company built a set of comprehensive pre-sale service system, everywhere for your best interests at heart, the real one on one service. (more…)

LED Lights

LED Lights


Light emitting diode (LED) is a highly efficient solid state, directional light ideal for solar lighting applications. Although most people think of as the LED lights, and is designed for general lighting applications design type of LED.

As technology becomes more robust, reliable, efficient, LED lighting has become more prevalent in everyday life. When the LED is properly integrated into the lamps, or lamps, lighting efficiency should reach 80 lumens per watt (7 times more efficient than light bulbs) and more than 60,000 hours (> 12 years) life. This technology means that more and more applications in the light, as long as the duration of the lamp! (more…)

It works solar street in rainy day

It works solar street in rainy day


First, solar street light use solar energy into electricity is the implementation of energy saving lighting equipment.

1. The ability of solar lights during discharge, save electricity: solar street light solar panels absorb solar energy into electricity and lighting equipment to ensure the normal operation of the lighting equipment, efficient use of energy to reduce the discharge loss, then to energy saving reducing consumption role! (more…)

solar lights not bright how to repair

If the solar lights are not bright how do we repair

In our solar street light use of the process, there will inevitably be this kind of failure affecting our use, that this time we can do is to find the cause of the fault as soon as possible to repair, so as to not affect our use. If the solar lights are not bright how do we repair?

You have to fully detect it, there may not be a reason aspect caused.
Solar street light controller
First detection of solar street light controller, which is the core of solar lights. Red light means charging and flashing means the battery is full, if it is yellow, the loss of electricity, not the normal lighting, solar street light to be detected at this time of the battery voltage, if the battery is normal, then replace the new controller to see whether it is normal as normal to determine the basic controller is bad. The lamp is not lit, the detection wiring without loss. (more…)

How to work for lighting

How to work for lighting

In principal, it’s simple. A solar panel converts light to electricity. During daylight, even on cloudy days, this “solar generator” (solar panel) charges long-life batteries, which store the energy until needed. Thus, the energy of the sun is harnessed to produce power.

In addition to large capacity batteries and solar panels, solar outdoor lighting systems also incorporate sophisticated proprietary charge regulators, which stop the flow of solar generated electricity when the batteries are fully charged, and then resume charging when more power is needed.

The key to solar outdoor lighting is the solar power pack, which houses photovoltaic solar panels, a proprietary microprocessor control system and batteries. It is attached to specifically designed high flux LED lights that produce bright white light.

All solar lights are “wireless”. They are not “hooked up” to external sources of power, but get their power from solar panels, installed with each light. Like conventional wired lights, solar lights come as indoor lighting, sign lighting, street and parking lot lighting. Some solar lights are also used for bus shelters, telephone booths, traffic signs and security lighting. (more…)