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The Solar Bridge Lamp

The sloar Bridge lights

Urban footbridge is not only the sign of prosperity in city, but more important it plays huge role in urban transportation, energy, efficiency, etc. The lighting of footbridge is not only for safety of people and cars in dark night, but also for the beauty of city.

Starlight Solar Bridge Lamp is all in one design with simple structure. Solar power supplied system can effectively avoid the cable laying and beauty the footbridge. Solar Bridge Lamp adopts the RGB led chip and smart control system to create the lighting waterfall on footbridge, viaduct, landscape bridge, overpass, etc. in different colors.


Solar Lawn Cube Lamp


Starlight Solar Lawn Cube Lamp is the re-defined lawn lamp to create more comfortable urban landscape and keep people safe from the damp lawn.

Starlight Solar Lawn Cube Lamp has the simple and classical style with soft light and useful and intelligent control system. It is very easy to install in different place for its IP68 outdoor waterproof without lay any cable. Solar Lawn Cube Lamp help integrate building, park, scenic spots, private garden, and corridor smoothly into beautiful lighting. Personalized and smart control system can change the color and light for different views.


Solar Stair Lamp

Solar step lamp

Starlight solar brick lamp integrated integrated design, simple fashion; installation of the embedded lamp
Integration with the landscape and one, independent energy, no need to lay wires, to achieve a “see the light” good visual effects
Fruit; intelligent control light source conversion, gradual change, jump free choice; high strength tempered glass and IP68 three layer protection,
Pressure waterproof; solar floor tile lamp on the trail, building steps, landscape periphery, tourist attractions, landscape bridges etc.
Wide range of applications, the freedom to create a personalized aesthetic scene experience.


Advantages of Solar buried lights


Solar buried lights Ethernet sunlight for energy, charging during the day mainly by night use, without complex and expensive pipeline laying, the layout can be adjusted lighting, security, clean energy, charge, and on / off process using intelligent control, automatic light control switch , without manual operation, stable for reliable, saving electricity, maintenance-free.
Buried lights generally less power lamp type is typically circular and square.
Production of monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar panels, LED lamp beads, batteries, and other components. Style modeling colorful, colorful, chic and elegant, can courtyards, parks, playgrounds and other picturesque dress. Each time the product is fully electrically continuous illumination 4-5 days, work 8-10 hours per day, in accordance with the special requirements of the user’s design. (more…)

Best Solar Landscape Lights


To establish the scientific and artistic lighting environment and landscape, Starlight develops solar landscape lamp series to provide the unique and intelligent solution for customers.

Tailor-made Solar Landscape Lamp is faultlessly assimilated into different style landscape. Scientific and intelligent lighting control system makes them conform to the idea of energy saving and environment friendly. And high quality control system can let them be more durable.

Solar Landscape Lamp protects the eco-environment and keep original beauty. At the same time, it presents us the unique elegance and harmony of people, landscape and lighting system together.


Quality solar LED lights are more important than price

Quality solar LED lights  are more important than price


Why solar street light than the price of LED lights more expensive?

Outdoor lighting engineering, municipal units buyers, at the beginning of the price of solar street lights with LED price there will not understand why all outdoor lights, solar street Why LED lights than the price of more expensive, and not just Kiichi little.

First, take the price of solar street lights with LED lights make direct price comparison, we find that both are the same place. Solar street light lamp head is also used in LED, the use of the poles is the same quality, a power supply, with a controller, the price of these three is far worse, then the price difference is seen in different points. On components, solar street LED lights more than a few things: solar panels, solar batteries, battery box. (more…)

All In One LED Solar Street Light


Solar Integrated Street Light is a upgraded generation of Solar Split Street Light in energy saving and structural integration. Highly integrated solar PV, LED lamp, Battery and controller in one, Solar Integrated Street Light is fashion, simple, easy installation and transportation.

Starlight Integrated Street Light adopts independent R&D intelligent control platform can switch the built-in modes in different seasons, and automatically determine the discharging time through charging time to extend battery’s life span. PIR sensor function makes the most use of energy and extends working time. The integrated heat dissipation structure increases the cooling area and guarantees LED chip light effect and life span. It is an easy and intelligent solution of re-using old lamp pole when re-building the old town due to its excellent structure design.


Solar Road Stud


Category: road boundary indicator series
Material: Aluminum die cast, impact of aging, corrosion-resistant
Light color: red / green / blue / white / yellow color can be customized
Visible distance: 800 meters
Custom processing: can be customized

Compared with ordinary reflective spike, spike solar energy are the two most important advantages: First, a large emission luminance. Ordinary reflective brightness reflective spike only 300MCD to 400MCD, emission luminance and solar spike up 2000MCD, the former is 6 to 7 times. Such a high intensity light can penetrate the fog at night, safe and effective for the driver orientation.
Second, self-luminous, dynamic alerts. Solar spike in the evening at a certain frequency flicker, the dynamic is very strong warning. Active light can not only avoid the maximum extent and fog-free, and allows the driver’s attention away from dependence on car lights, visual distance farther, the better.
Considering the deep solar spike mounted easily damaged pavement, shorten the service life of pavement, solar street lights manufacturer Starlight production of solar spike are raised solar spike. (more…)

Solar Garden light

Solar Garden light

Solar Garden light is developed as a small-scale outdoor lighting fixture which combined with the latest control algorithms and strategies. Using solar energy power and led light source, we can benefit from its energy saving,environment friendly,exellent performance,easy installation and low cost.
1. Saving energy by solar power and led light source
2. Environment friendly. Green energy and without UV
3. High conversion polysilicon solar PV
4. Easy installation. Without any extra cables
5. Secondary saving energy by time control & light control & PIR intelligent sensor. The lamp will light up by itself when it’s dark and will convert into the PIR intelligent sensing model 4 hours later.
6. Free maintenance, No wiring, No power fee

Soalr Wall Light

wall light

Landscape Lighting is the best way to show that outdoor Landscape is the most important part of ecological landscape.

Starlight Moon series & Crystal series Solar Pillar Light is designed to install and light originally. Relying on intelligent and advanced control technology and brightening & beautifying system with the ability of storing natural energy, lamp frees from the electricity. Same with the trees and flowers in city landscape, it appears to us the vitality of variety.

The pillars, stairs of building and plaza are located on different positions. Starlight Pillar Light can show to people the theme and culture of space depend on lighting color changing.

Mobile APP controller allows you to customize the lighting mode by yourself through changeable color and lighting ways.